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For nearly ten years, emerging mobile and cloud technologies have been changing consumer expectations and disrupting businesses across all industries. If you ask IT service leaders about the primary challenges facing the industry, responses typically include one or more of the following:

  • Speed to market, inability to keep pace with new or emerging technologies
  • Reduce costs of support services while improving the value
  • Enhance user/service experience
  • Remove the silos and drive better IT to business alignment
  • Shift to proactive/predictive outcome-based services


In the digital age, the term, “Workplace” is no longer a physical office space where employees work on enterprise data and tools for a designated number of hours. Today’s connected world has enabled employees and organizations to connect and share knowledge beyond a fixed framework through unprecedented modes of communication. Modern workplaces are undergoing a silent transformation. In the traditional device-centric model of management, employee work and productivity were restricted to the PC, which was owned and controlled by the company’s IT department, leading to a restricted and “locked-down” model of management. Employees were expected to deliver productivity by working in this controlled device-centric environment and had little say when it came to the choice of the technology.

We have the expertise and experience of delivering IT-as-service solutions to Fortune 500 and middle market companies with the right technology and the right cost. With over 10+ years of designing and implementing solutions for the workplace, deploying user computing devices and managing end user environments, Pivot brings customers value by: 

  • Reducing costs throughout the entire lifecycle of the device
  • Improving the end-user experience
  • Simplified management and support will free up IT resources for more strategic initiatives
  • Every service is customizable providing our customers with greater flexibility
  • Accelerate deployments through our Advanced Integration Center(s) and extensive coverage by our deployment specialist
  • Providing range of technology solutions through strategic partnerships with global leaders in including Dell, Apple, VMware, Citrix and Microsoft
  • Technical expertise is extended to solutions for Client, Mobile and Virtual Device Management, IT Service Management and Service Desk Support
  • Investments in innovative Next Gen technologies along with implementation of Next Gen solutions for customers through strategic partnerships with OEMs and ISVs


​Pivot’s Integrated Service Portfolio’s Workplace Discipline uses a user-centric approach as the basis for all Solutions, Services and Support developed and brought to market for our clients. The Workplace Discipline has built a comprehensive portfolio of services for all aspects of IT Lifecycle Management and the Digital Workplace Transformation.