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The CCTV Security Camera operating in counter service cashier at supermarket store blur background.

At Pivot we are moving video surveillance capabilities to the cloud.

Video surveillance represents a necessary but often costly and support-intensive investment. Generally, this investment is only utilized as a forensic tool when something has gone wrong, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Modern video surveillance technology has the ability to provide valuable insights to help keep your customers, citizens or students safe, while providing better services and improving operations. Sometimes replacing legacy systems makes sense, but many times it may be possible to enhance them through integration with overlay platforms.

Pivot Technology Solutions has the expertise to navigate you through these choices to get you on the fast track to achieving benefits such as:

  • Fully supported video surveillance platforms that scale to any size or requirement
  • Integration with other systems, such as point-of-sale, access control, environmental monitoring
  • RFID integration for tracking of valuable assets, such as medical equipment
  • Traffic analysis for sales optimization
  • Queue detection to detect overcrowding by analyzing wait lines and alerting when they are full
  • Access to video feeds and alerts from anywhere, on virtually any device


Learn more about how our Pivot VSaaS solution combines on-site video cameras with cloud-based storage and software in a pay-per-use pricing model.