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Through tightly integrated, high-performance technology solutions, Pivot helps manufacturers increase productivity and competitiveness, support 24×7 operations, and boost the bottom line.

Technology has reshaped the manufacturing sector, raising productivity and reducing costs while at the same time creating intense global competition and cost pressures. Manufacturers must remain innovative in their use of technology or risk falling behind. The good news is that the latest IT solutions can deliver unprecedented levels of insight, efficiency and control.

Pivot’s portfolio companies architect IT infrastructures that optimize operational processes and enable rapid, informed decision-making. Wired and wireless networks support both shop-floor automation and back-office applications, and provide for effective communication with supply chain and distribution channels. The network environment is engineered to deliver the security and availability required for around-the-clock global operations.

High-performance computing provides the processing power for sophisticated product and process design, with efficient data sharing among diverse engineering teams. Pivot can help manufacturers achieve the vision of an integrated IT infrastructure that supports the product lifecycle from design to delivery.