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We offer expert services to help maximize your successful cloud adoption.

Gartner expects the public cloud market to almost double by 2020, far overshadowing the market for on-premises IT infrastructure. Organizations are moving more and more workloads to the cloud in order to gain greater flexibility and operational efficiencies. According to IDC’s most recent CloudView survey, improving agility and security, and standardizing the IT infrastructure, are the top drivers of cloud adoption.

Pivot Technology Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of cloud consulting services to help organizations overcome these challenges and maximize the success of cloud adoption. We begin with discovery of all applications in the environment and a thorough assessment of the existing infrastructure. Each application is analyzed from multiple perspectives, including financial, technical and business requirements, operational impacts, and data sensitivity. We then determine which workloads should be placed in the cloud, and match the organization’s needs with the cost and functionality of various cloud services and implementations.

Learn more about how our Cloud Consulting Suite can help you with your cloud adoption strategy.

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