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Pivot provides its customers a consistent service experience worldwide, making global deployments far more efficient and cost-effective.

Pivot’s International program allows its customers to leverage their North American sales relationship to purchase equipment and deploy solutions worldwide to better serve their needs.

Pivot’s engineers have detailed knowledge of their customers’ policies, procedures, and configurations, both documented and undocumented.  Pivot combines local architecture & design, project management, installation, and remote access capabilities while leveraging the North American engineers familiar with their customers’ procedures for configurations.  While European or Asian solution providers might have similar knowledge of product sets, they do not have Pivot’s direct knowledge of the customer.

Pivot geographic implementation capabilities

Learn more about our Pivot of the Americas offices in Mexico City.

Local procurement of North American international companies may try to ‘improve’ the bill of materials via alterations. International companies, most of which support all of their data centers with a centralized group, look for consistency, not ‘improvements’ in a BOM rolled out at other data centers. Pivot delivers a consistent experience for its customers worldwide.

The Pivot International Sales Program is continuously expanding its global services, allowing our customers to realize opportunities on a global scale:

  • Provides the ability for direct billing to specific country locations in local currency
  • Allows for in-country procurement, avoiding double taxes and custom duties
  • Greatly reduces shipping costs compared to shipping from North America
  • Allows customers to hold and manage the relationship with their current North American rep, without having to engage with a local rep outside of North America
  • Provides customers with a consistent IT/datacenter experience
  • Enables remote access to international locations from North America
  • Provides approved local partners available to deliver services, setup, configuration, etc.
  • Reduces duplication of work, accelerates project implementation, simplifies cross-border transactions, and improves financial efficiency
  • Leverages established relationships with local/regional vendors of the technologies deployed in North America, thereby providing a seamless extension to domestic IT/data center activities.